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Fun Stuff!

A selection of online rowing games for a bit of  fun.  Just copy and paste into your address bar at the top of your page… 🙂  If anyone knows of any other rowy amusements please leave a comment. Thanks.

This is for pre-school age

For all ages… I needed a five-year -old to show me how this one plays!

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  1. December 24, 2009 4:18 am

    To all residents of Coigach, have a sublime solstice season. I look forward to tracking your progress on the skiff. Or Sgoth. So nice to be back in touch with folk in the ‘buie. Hey to Ian and Annie Campbell, Polglas! And Annie the store, and all Iba’s kids, and Una and family, and all the Muirs still standing and any McClennans still going. And anyone at the Am Fuaran.
    Peace and prosperity be with you in the new year! Tom Armstrong

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