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Coigach owns it, and takes the biscuit. And the trophy.

August 7, 2013

Rowing medal photo

Ok.  What is it about this – let’s face it – tiny community of around 300 souls who live scattered around the Coigach peninsula..?

A ‘remote’ place with the memorable postal address of Achiltibuie, which sees a modest community project to build a St Ayles rowing skiff start in early 2010 … and 3 years later sees the 30-or-so membership ( 10% of the whole local population, mind) take the trophy at the 1st ever St Ayles Skiff World Championships.

 So what’s the recipe fo’ these here biscuits? (You can tell I visited Texas recently. Sorry.)

Is it just heaped tablespoonsful of this? (These guys ain’t ridin’ no fail-train!)mens over 50 effortWith a very, very generous pinch of this…?Cropped Dan with oarr A McG….and a very cheeky young level tea-spoonful of this..?Chris P Seamus on the phone…aye, why not have a wee blether on yer mobile, Under 17s Crew Captain, Seumas…it’s just HRH Princess Anne waiting to talk to you…

It’s also the leavening of the Over-60-year old youngsters (with cox, centre) …Over 60s mixed Anne plus the raw ingredients of the Under 17 years young oldsters!Chris P Under 17 medalsAnd it all goes into the beautiful mixing bowl of our coastal surroundings – way up in the wonderful wilds of the N.West Highlands where we all live and work and play (and row) and ceilidh together…Leaping into the Summer Isles Sea J D   …and them ol’ biscuits?

Why they come out a li’l bit like this…Ish with Over 50 Women's trophy...and this…

954635_10201366511143258_658390409_n…and this…

Alan and Mark bring it all home…and this!

Women's open Anne

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