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The ‘fleet’ grows – welcome the ‘Lily~Rose’!

April 23, 2013

Chris P colour slip and PipersAll photos  courtesy Chris Perkins except where otherwise credited.

The ‘Lily~Rose’ launch, Old Dornie slip, Achiltibuie, Coigach, Friday 19th April 2013.

A clear, sunny, spring afternoon welcomed a good crowd of locals and visitors to Old Dornie harbour last Friday for the launch of Coigach’s second St. Ayles racing skiff, the ‘Lily~Rose.’

mine 3She was built over the winter months with immense care and dedication by the all-Coigach team of Ali (Beag) Macleod,  Alan Pendred, (Coigach Community Rowing Chair) and Mark Irvine, (CCR Racing manager) together with help from many other rowers, young and old.  Folk will remember that Ali was one of the two lead builders of our first Skiff, the ‘Coigach Lass,’ with Ron Davidson – and his enthusiasm was in no way dimmed by that first build! Emma dove Lily

 With the help of Grethe and Lizzie, their rower mums, toddler Lily and baby Rosie  were assisted to dash their namesake’s bow with a splash of malt whisky – and  the ‘Lily~Rose’ was duly named in good style to a hearty round of applause. Rose Emma dove

The two dads also did their bit. Rich had carved a wooden rose and Dan a lily – which were fixed to the boat next to Ron R’s beautifully-carved Lily~Rose lettering – all set off by the CCR fleet (!) livery of sky-blue hull, black sheerstrake and oiled gunnels, stem and stern.

Chris p Oar guard of honourWith young rowers Sean, Ian, James and Finlay forming a guard of honour with the oars, crew members carried the boat down to the sound of the pipes and a big cheer!

 kiss the water Chris P

The builders were first in to try her, going quick first row CP(Builders: Stroke, Alan P, no. 3 Mark  I, no.2 Ali Beag MacL.) Cox: Nick C, Bow oar, myself.

She's good emma DovePhoto: Emma Dove.  ‘Lily~Rose’ builders (left) Ali Beag and Mark I ( the other, Alan P, is in the boat too) delighted with how she goes!

youngsters queue CP

Next into the new boat … the Under 17 crew – one of whom be-kilted !

kilt smoothing CPQuite a job controlling your kilt in a wind!

Chris p under 17 Under 17 crew on the water –  Bow: Sean H.  no.2 oar: Seumas H. no.3 oar: James R.  Stroke: Ian MacI.   (Look at the bend on those oars!)

Our newly formed Under 17 Crew (all of whom are under 15!) show off their developing skills as they train hard to compete along with CCR’s other crews in both the annual Coigach Coastal Rowing Regatta at Badentarbat on 18th May, the World St Ayles Skiff coastal rowing Championships in July this year in Ullapool – and in regattas round Scotland over the summer. This year Coigach is taking both boats and two crews to the Thames Great River Race in September – hoping to move up from that excellent second place out of 92 boats in their class last year, to a first!

Kids launch CPDogs and kids wait by the slip…

first hour in the water Emma doveSitting bonny as the wind increases…                       Photo: Emma Dove

However, with the wind getting up, it was time to get the ‘Lily~Rose’ back on her trailer …and then there was time for a wee dram (or two!) for all, as the builders discussed the modifications to the rudder they felt were needed (perfectionists!)

Chris P builders discuss

…and the spectators enjoyed the craic in the sun

rowers and baby rosie CP

and inspected the boat.

Ali and david CPinterior shot CPEven the thwarts are immaculately painted and pared down..!

Lily Rose CP

The unanimous vote was that the ‘Lily~Rose’ is another great boat, with many seasons of fun and hard competition ahead of her!   

Many thanks to young pipers Seumas H and Anna and Ruaridh B – led by piper and rower, Alison S.  Nothing like the pipes for stirring the soul!

Chris p Pipers

…and finally she is back on the trailer and the crowd disperses for the evening…and to the pub!

mine 4

Photo: L Muir    Alan P, rower, builder and Chairperson of Coigach Community Rowing checks the ‘Lily Rose’ is right and tight.

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  1. Evelyn Smith permalink
    April 23, 2013 4:15 pm

    lovely day, lovely boat, well done.

    Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 12:34:11 +0000 To:


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