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Wind and rain? Pah! It’s all about the ‘Lily-Rose’ build just now…

November 23, 2012

Under the winking, watchful eye of Neville’s time-lapse camera, the ‘Lily-Rose’ takes shape in the airy spaciousness of the Green’s shed at Achnahaird.

Ali Beag, one of the pair of craftsmen who masterminded the build of our lovely ‘Lass’, has been fair twitching to get going on this new skiff – and progress is swift under his canny eye.

Just like the ‘L-R’ will be when she hits the water next spring! Swift.

Alan and Mark, with Ali leading the build, have been firing on, with a little help from young Ewan Peach helping put the larch planks through the planer-thicknesser and myself doing wee bit of sanding and spreading glue on the larch sections ready to be glued together.Early days here, above – a photo from a few short weeks ago on my phone (barely able to cope with the over-enthusiastic lighting) showing Alan releasing the planks ready to be scarfed up.

Now we have a forest of clamps ensuring that the lovely, gluey layers of larch tightly laminate up into the Lily-Rose’s elegant stem and stern.             ( Sounds like an extract from 50 Shades..!)

Top clampage all round!

Anyway, Alan reckons she might be ready to turn over by Christmas!

An excuse there for a wee dram or two with some seasonal nibbles (that’s mince pies and mini-stollens – not under-mistletoe snogging) at the shed to celebrate. Ding dong merrily!

Mmm. And Ali Beag says that the larch we bought for this build is way better quality – no knots – than that with which the Lass’s stem and stern were built.   It will be interesting to see the slight character differences between the two boats developing as the build progresses.

With all this care and affection already being lavished, looks like the ‘L-R’ is going to be another lass to reckon with!

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