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The ‘Lily-Rose’ build starts soon…

October 16, 2012

‘Coigach Lass’ rowers and supporters are building a second St Ayles rowing skiff, the demand to get out rowing here in Coigach is so strong !

She will be called the ‘Lily-Rose’ and it’s all hands on deck (skilled or unskilled) for the build, which is happening  at David and Sheila’s shed at Achnahaird. . .  many thanks to them for allowing us to use the space!

The lovely name comes from two of Coigach’s newest residents: Lily W, of Achiltibuie (baby daughter of rowers Dan and Grethe) and Rosie W, of Tanera Mor (very new baby daughter of rowers Rich and Lizzie.)

Interestingly both the ‘Lily’ and the ‘Rose’ were Coigach boats of the past.

A rowing coble, Coigach, 1930’s

The ‘Lily’ was a ‘Gairloch Boat’ built around 1910 belonging to William Fraser, Raon Mor, Achiltibuie. She had oars and a sail and because she was so beamy, she had been used in her latter days to take sheep and cattle out to Bottle and Priest Islands. She was holed in a storm and ended her days after a long working life, upside down on the beach below Raon Mor, Achiltibuie,  as the roof of a stone-built shed.

The ‘Rose’ was a 30 foot long ‘Fifie’ and was used out of the island of Tanera Mor for lobster fishing around the early 1930’s by Bel Muir, Achiltibuie, Calum Macleod, Achlochan, Willie Macleod, Achiltbuie (Seordag’s and Donnie Beag’s brother) and Sammy Grant from (?) Achlochan. Fraser Muir of Polbain reckons the ‘Rose’ was sold to Boysie Sinclair’s father William who had the shop in Achiltibuie – possibly to repay a growing ‘tab’! – and was then sold on to end her days in Orkney or Caithness.

Lots of history in the name, and a lovely new Coigach boat in the building!


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  1. October 17, 2012 7:38 am

    Lovely pics Lesley. Ali remembers the Lily being down at the shore below Raon Mor and says it may well still be there rotted down.

    • October 17, 2012 8:59 am

      Hi Ann! You can tell Ali that Alastair Raon Mor saved a section of the ‘Lily’s stern post so maybe a tiny piece of it might be decoratively scarfed in or set in to the breasthook as a wee luckpiece…

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