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New skiff build planned for the ‘Buie’!

July 24, 2012

The big question is, peeps, will we be able to love another boat as much as we love the ‘Lass’. . ?    ‘Course we will!

Remember this… early days!…and this?

And this?


…and this?

…and finally after the launch, many refinements of oars, footrests and going from kabes to oak thole pins we have the fighting ‘Lass’ in all her glory!

We can’t wait to get started on our new boat. It will allow us to have even more boaty, rowy, fitness-making, community bonding-type fun. Yay!

Where to build the skiff?  Word is – though not confirmed – that the pier shed at Badentarbat might be available over the winter… watch this space.

It will be good for all us rowers to take a bigger part in the build this time –  what would we have done without Ron and Ali Beag and others last time – but we will have the advantage of their good advice and previous experience to help us – plus the experience that Alan and Mark have built up with all the work they have done on the fittings of the boat – tweaking it so successfully for better racing performance!

And so the ‘Coigach Lass’ will soon have a sibling … bring on the winter!

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