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New Oars for a New Year! HNY all…

January 24, 2011

Ok,  it’s late in this new year of 2011 to be wishing folk a Happy New one, but I do to you all.

All the very best, in fact.

And though my two typing fingers have not been busy at this blog, the oarsome (in Alphabetical order) Alan, Dan, Mark I, Steve and Ron D have been buzzin’ like bees round a honeypot down at the ‘Lass’ in her dry dock at the Hydro boatshed!

Lovely new, stout kabes – taller out of the gunnels than the old ones, narrower, but more robust – from the hands of the redoubtable Ron D.  ‘Form and Function’: nailed! (Metaphorically of course!!)

The late Jim Muir’s old coble oars from the 50’s had broken and been repaired a couple of times over the racing season… a miracle that they lasted as long as they did. Full of  old nails they were; our main pair of oars in the centre of the boat!  However those lucky old oars will be repaired and see service for the ‘Lass’ again!  But we HAD to get making more, new and dependable, for the coming season, so Alan and Dan have made a replacement pair. Great work!

And they do look bonny.

(The oars do too.) Steve has been jetting between Shetland and South  Africa with work, so he hasn’t started on the pair he intends to make yet…. and he’s interested to see how our new ones go before starting his.

We all loved our weird and very ‘Achiltibuie ‘ odd oar combo of two shorter and two longer oars. No great, technical, well researched plan;  just the only bloomin’ oars we had, so we reckon to stick with roughly that  pattern again this year.

Thanks to all who supported, danced, sang, piped, played and helped in any way to make the Ceilidh (see below) such a success. It has more than paid for the wood for the new oars . . . but money can’t pay for the enthusiasm, skill and determination over many hours of the guys who have taken time to make the ‘Lass’ her new oars and kabes.

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  1. January 25, 2011 9:51 pm

    Your new oars are looking great! I like the hardwood tips. All the better to fend the opposition off with. I have some tidal calendars for you guys if anyone is passing….

    Cheers, Topher.

    • January 26, 2011 5:52 pm

      Thanks, Topher. What a great job you did on Ulla. She looks back to full fitness. Everyone seems to be gearing up for rowing again. We had the Lass out over the weekend. It was good to be back with an oar in hand! Tidal calendar would be good. Thanks! See you soon. PS Good to see Stornoway Rowing Club up and blogging…. they are having a virtual row against the Ferry this weekend! Link from the Lass blog. And great to see the progress of the school boat, too. Looks good!

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