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…at last – Dennis gets his medal!

September 19, 2010

It was a drizzle soaked, cycling- shorted Dennis who staggered through the welcoming doors of the Fuaran Bar (Altandhu) on Saturday and clocked the ‘WELCOME DENNIS -Honorary Coigach Rower’ poster on the wall through the rain-mist on his specs. Then as he and his cycling mates came into the main bar, a great cheer of appreciation welcomed them in to well-earned re-hydration.

For how had Dennis travelled from Ullapool (where he was attending the Loopallu music festival) to Coigach??? Well, bless him,  he and his buddies had cycled the whole hilly way VIA Lochinver! Well over 50 miles of hill and dale. What a hero!

We cannot understand why North Berwick haven’t snapped him up for one of their crews! Fit? Oh yes! A rower… well he is now!

Dennis has the biggest medal here! And he still looks a bit stunned after a shocking 50 mile cycle to get it! Our elfin Cox with the BIG voice, Di,  looks tall because she’s standing on a stool: ‘I’m bloomin’ fed up of always bein’ the short arse in all these photos!’

Left to right, the winning Coigach Men’s Open Crew – long race round Craigleith Island at the North Berwick skiff racing:  Di (Cox), Nick, DENNIS!, Alan.  Mark was the final member of the crew.

Great to see you in Coigach, Dennis ….and good to have that pint with you at last – just hope we don’t have to race against you next season!

Oh. A competition for the non-rowers reading this blog. Who’s medal-bestrewn chest is this??

(Certainly not mine – totally wrong shape. ) A pint in the Fuaran for the winning guess. Suffice it to say- as a clue- that when Di turned up wearing her medal to meet Dennis in the pub, the person in the photo above  immediately drove all the way home to get his! That’s what our rowers are made of…..! Oh, the pride!

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