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The ‘Lass’ @ Portsoy!

June 28, 2010

The ‘Coigach Lass’ racing Crews ….and a builder! Click on any photo to bring up large on screen.

L to R:  Mark Irvine (rower, Cox), Nic Clooney, (rower), Kimberley Colclough, (rower), Alan Pendred, (rower), Iseabail Muir, (rower), Lesley Muir (rower, Cox), Louise Mackenzie, (rower), Dan Walton, (rower), Steve Husband, (rower), Ali (beag) Macleod, (one of 2 lead builders), a random dude, Alison Hitchings, (rower.) Not in this photo – Anne- Marie Firth Bernard, (Women’s crews rowing sub) Seumas and Finlay Hitchings, (Junior rowers.)

Also part of the Coigach Lass crew were: Innes Mackenzie and Grethe Walton (Umpires in waiting.)

Supporters and camp followers, Donnie  and Collette Mackenzie, (BBQ king and queen!) Alice, Angus, William and Tilly the new pup; Jill Clooney with Stan and Gregor; Chrissie and Catriona Mackenzie, Iain Muir, Gerry Irvine, Thomas from Tanera, Chris Firth Bernard with Alistair, Joe and Jack.

Other supporters spotted cheering away from the harbour wall were Aileen Muir, Uilleam Fraser (thanks for the bottles of water you hurled at us from the harbour wall Uilleam…the crew were parched! We owe you a pint) Ken Lowndes and partner Mary, Margaret Starling…… och, and lots more.

What a weekend of sun, fun and short sharp doses of adrenalin and exhaustion as the shoulders burned with exertion. The ‘Lass’ and her crews, most of whom raced the 600m course two or three times over, did not let themselves down and all races were fought hard to the end, but the crowning glory of the weekend had to be when the Men’s Open crew of Nic, Steve, Dan and Alan, did battle – and battle it surely was – three times –  to romp to victory past the favourites Port Seton in the Men’s Open final on Saturday. I was blown away by their guts, determination (and muscles!) and was very, very proud to Cox for them….sorry for the coxing language guys; all in a good cause! Footage of that race coming to the blog shortly, grâce à Chris Perkins.

The women’s crew pulled up a storm too – not a one was beaten by more than a couple of boat lengths; fantastic effort all round. Worth the blisters!

We gave them a run for their money surely, but the great spirit of friendly banter between the teams was just tremendous.New friends, really. Shared experiences make great glue…

…to the extent that Anne Marie and I gave a helping hand to the Anstruther Women’s team by rowing for them in their final. Sorry girls. we didn’t help you to another win but we had lots of fun trying and it was a privilege to be Anster-ites for the race!

Lots more  pictures coming……….. A big thank you to all the other St Ayles Skiff crews from Portobello, North Berwick, Anstruther, Ullapool of course and Port Seton – great to meet you all – see you soon we hope. And a massive cheer for Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats who has done so much to make this fun stuff happen.

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