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Who broke the rowing machine, then ????

April 25, 2010

….Er, it was me! I’ll ‘fess up the details shortly.

The newly-painted ‘Lass’ was the focus of admiring attention from prospective rowers who came down to the boatshed on Thursday to inspect progress, sign up for rowing duties/ training/ practise when she finally hits the water. And it won’t be long!

Ken L has been busy putting …can it be six?…coats of bright blue on her hull and Ron D – utter perfectionist that he is- has been smoothing on the good looking buttermilk yellow colour inside. Farrow & Ball would call it…let me think…. ‘Clotted Cream Yellow.’  A white interior would have been too much glare for the rowers on a sunny day, after all!

Steve has inserted the oak breasthooks he made at stem and stern – the stern one being a good backrest for the cox. He was having trouble with the solid oak cracking in the heat but has triumphed with very good looking additions to the boat. The oak was salvaged from the old ‘Queen of Tanera.’

The steering gear is well underway, the oars are being tweaked a bit and I am putting coat after coat of latex on the ‘Lass’s’ figurehead to make a mould for casting it in resin.

As for the rowing machine, I was too shy to give it full licks on Tuesday night in front of all, so I  had an uninhibited go the other evening on my own and was rowing up a storm when whap! the cable broke, my feet shot out of the stirrups and I went sprawling! Strong or what? Nothing like Nick’s rate of 200 strokes in 8 minutes tho……

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