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Gunnels and kabes..!

April 9, 2010

The pace is ratcheting up even more now. Ron D and Ali have fixed on the strakes (mahogany rubbing strips) and have given a light stain and varnish to the outside of the top planks and they have made open gunnels for lightness. The kabes have been made in oak for durability.  The slatted floorboards are in process of making up and the Coxwain seat is coming on – strictly for a very narrow bum I may say!

And now what do we have here; a bit of sculpture under construction in modelling clay on the prow? Must be the ‘Coigach Lass’ figurehead –  like the pirate ships of old!

A Grace O’Malley type if ever I saw one.

The stem needs to be cut shorter but I thought I would need to make the figurehead ‘in situ’ before that happensI’m planning to get her cast in a light metal or strong resin when she is finished and have her easily removable at the end of racing events…..

The ‘ Lass’ herself  has her coats of primer on now and the undercoat and paint is awaited from Gaelforce, one of the project’s sponsors. Ken L has been helping Ron D with the paintwork.

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