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… and the other Ron!

February 25, 2010

Oo! Get a load of the the concentration! It’s Ron R – working away in his shed on the oars for the ‘Lass.’ Quiet and determined, Ron has been beavering away in Altandhu making the oars that might carry the ‘Lass’ to a victory or two!

I never get over the range of skills people in this small community have – ready to apply them at the drop of a spanner to support a community project. With so much care and attention being paid to her and more folk becoming involved and giving freely of their time as the build progresses, how can the ‘Lass’ fail to be a bonny boat?

An arty shot below of Ron’s work making the oars. Can’t wait to see them cutting through water…

Thanks again to Chris F B for the pictures.

Oh, Ali. You have fan mail! Click on the Comment from Kate in Lewis…. top right of homepage.

Well done to the ‘Ulla’ builders in the cowshed in Leckmelm. With their hull complete, they are having a wee ‘turning over’ celebration on Saturday at 1400 hours….when I suspect the poop deck will be over the yardarm and (tiny) sips of celebratory uisge will be taken. . .

Will have to be thinking about ordering paint for the ‘Lass’ soon. And we will have to think hard about a good Coigach colour scheme for her.

Come on then all you local old and young salts. What colours should she be painted????

Baba must have plenty red paint.

Think this needs a meeting……

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