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A lesson for world peace!

February 15, 2010

Listen – if the building crew of the “Lass“s  local ‘opposition’ can share their boatbuilding skills and tools (even their boatshed!) in the selfless and generous manner that they have over the past weekend,  then I think the human race is still on the up-and-up – despite what the tabloids tell us!

L to R Topher, Ron D and Ali Beag

In the oppositions lair! All is peace, harmony and co-operation!

Here we have Topher of the “Ulla” (Ullapool 1) skiff syndicate sharing knowledge and skills

Ron D on the planer.

with Ron D and Ali Beag.

It’s been really great for us on the ‘Coigach Lass’ project that Ullapool1 has been first to build a skiff locally, as they can (and do) pass on useful tips to us about mistakes to watch out for and canny little helpful nuances of the build.

Creating a fine pile of sawdust.

The boat in the back ground ← is one of  Adrian’s (AKA Viking Boats)  he made earlier. . . for this is his boatshed at Leckmelm, the centre of ops for the newly named ‘Ulla’ build. Ron D was remarking how lucky the ‘Coigach Lass’ has been with our passive solar heated ‘boatshed’ in Achiltibuie!

Many thanks to Chris of Ullapool 1 for these pics and to Ullapool 1 for all the help so generously given.

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