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She’s comin’ along nicely. . .

February 2, 2010

She’s shaping up well, which is more than can be said for my raging tonsils which have kept me out of the boatshed since Friday. But if  I am no good for anything else at least I can get some of Bernie and Anne McG’s photos up for you all.

Good shot of the boatshed. Peach tree pruned you'll note

State of the Lass as of Sat 30th Jan

Ron D and Ali Beag have been the major players in progress towards the end of last week. Chris Perkins kindly lent us the Balcotan glue to allow laminating to get going.

You can see all the clamps Ali has made hanging from part of the frame.  He made them from the waste laminate from the kit parts. They will hold the glued scarph joints on the planks together when the time comes.

Ali's babies

All the clamps, “G” and otherwise, in the district are being commandeered for use in clamping all the parts of the boat which are laminated – the frames (crosswise strengthening bits – see photos)   stem and stern etc.                                            Cromartie Timber Ltd, (Tel 01997 421 013) has come up trumps for us by sponsoring us to the tune of 50% of the cost of the timber we need to buy from them. Very sporting of you chaps at Cromartie, to support a community build! Thank you! Cromartie Timber Ltd’s details will be added to our Roll of Honour to be started soon on this blog. Well done Steve H for negotiating this with Cromartie.

Soon to be clamp city here

We will need to make a start on the oars soon. With Ron and Ali making great inroads on the Lass, another group could get on with poring over the oar plans and getting stuck in!

In order to set the balcotan glue for the laminations the temp needs to be 12 degrees. Luckily there’s a good temperature gradient created with all the passive solar heat coming in through the clear polycarbonate roof of the boatshed and an area of suitable temp was duly found. There has been no stopping Ali and Ron D over this last week.

Roddy Mac (down home in Kippen at the moment but often up in Altandhu) kindly made up a whole boxful of wedges to go with the clamps Ali has been making -and posted them up to us. Co-operation, effort and dedication from all round. Can’t be bad, eh? Thanks to Bernie and Anne for photos and the special honey for my poor, tortured tonsils!

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  1. topher permalink
    February 11, 2010 5:04 pm

    Great progress at Achilitebuie! We were getting Balcotan to set down to about zero, but you have the luxury of a solar heated shed!

    Anyway well done and see you on the water. Ours is now called Ulla, and we are thinking about colour schemes.

    Cheers, Topher.

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