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The first cut ain’t the deepest.

January 26, 2010

Och, it’s all go down at the boatshed!  Or as Rabbie Burns would have said, ‘Fair fa yer honest, sonsie face!’ Well not exactly that.Ron D makes the first cut.

The first kiss of saw to wood. The first rap of hammer to …thumb? … timber, was made on Sunday 24th January on a sunny afternoon. It was a real exercise in Scottish reticence…. the eager builders hanging back a bit….full of ideas, vim and vigour but just not putting themselves forward immediately.

Ron R makes his point-Steve bit bewildered, tho'.

Finally Ron R broke. He whipped out his crowbar and just laid in to cannibalising the wood out of old trestles for the building base. Good man! That was the ‘chocks away’ moment and suddenly there was a flowering of colourful plastic tape-measures being sprouted up timber lengths and pencils being purposefully pulled  from behind ears.

The cup that cheers.

Of course you can’t have a bevvy of builders without leeeetle contretemps; but slight differences of approach were smoothed away in the hammering and sawing and general banter.

Watch and learn, Grasshopper!

And the cabin boys tested out the rowing machines…

…and did a bit of watching and learning.

When we all left the boatshed at 5.30 the building base was there, looking brave and stout. Just as it should.

Yesterday, Monday, saw the two Rons and Ali Beag busy fixing the base to the concrete floor to ensure no movement in the support for the ‘Lass’ as she takes shape.

And today I walked in after work…  lo!      The mouldings were up and there was the skeleton of the Coigach Lass before my (slightly damp) eyes.

Ron D and Ali had really hit the gas.  So there she blows! Thanks to Chris F B for the photies.

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