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The build starts . . .

January 20, 2010

At last our boatshed is no longer ice-bound! …..I hope the peach tree has survived.. . .

How long will it take us to get to this stage?

Experienced eyes (not mine –  that’s for sure!) are scanning the skiff kit plans – and notes are being made ready to get down to the Hydroponic Boatshed on Sunday at 2pm, plan the build, make a final shopping/blagging list of consumables and wood…you know; epoxy, latex gloves, larch for stem and stern etc.. and perhaps get going on making the stout building base for the Coigach Lass. All and any donations of lengths of 2×4 for the base are most welcome! Also frame fixers needed, to firmly attach building base to floor. Bring’em along on Sunday.

Chris Perkins, who had such a big part in the building of the St Ayles Skiff prototype has kindly agreed to come out to see us and let us pick his boaty brain for hints and tips.

All the Coigach Lass builders have been asked to try to make this get-together as it will shape the way the build is organised and which days/evenings/times are going to good for most builders.

Anyone got a spare kettle? Hot brews will be needed as the build progresses. Bring your own mug. For that matter, bring your own hip-flask! Any new volunteers MOST WELCOME as always.

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