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January 5, 2010

Coigach Lass  fundraising started the New Year . . . . . . . .

Di has won the year s supply of dog wormer!!!

. . . with a bang  (or rather a clink and a rustle!)  as pound notes and silver  in payment for Prize Draw tickets  just poured in! Click on Fundraising tab above for full list of lucky prizewinners.

The Grand Prize Draw raised £915 – a staggering amount given the time of year – and a real testament to the generosity of this small community. £156 of this has already been paid for the wood to make the 6 oars (four plus two spares!) and £400 needs to go to the Community Trust to repay their loan to the project and a further £80-odd pounds for the ticket printing.. however the remainder will buy the larch needed to form and laminate up the stem and stern posts, wood for the gunwales (?) and it will allow us to buy some of the glue and epoxy and other expensive consumables. ( Ok how DO you spell it?? gunnels?-gun-wales? … how! .!)

A warm vote of thanks to all the local folk and small businesses who contributed prizes SO generously-and to those who bought so generously! Click on the Fundraising tab for the list of community-minded contributors!

The packed drop-in afternoon at the Hall organised by the Hall Committee went very well indeed with visitors and locals alike in good new year spirits… and the Prize Draw gave everyone a few laughs…….Di getting the year’s supply of dog wormer from MyOnlineVet was one of the more apt winners though we are all wondering how much young Seumas is going to enjoy Di’s Fruit-de-Route dinner!

Big Chris, Hamish and Anne in fine New Year form at the Hall.

Thanks must also go to the Coigach Lass volunteers who sold tickets around friends and neighbours -and to local teens,  Seumas, Joseph, Alice, Kelly and Abi who helped to sell tickets at local events. Some pictured below! Thanks to Chris F-B for great photos.

Future Coigach junior women's rowing team??

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