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Boatshed well ‘christened’ !

December 14, 2009

Getting stuck into the mulled wine.

We had a nice wee Christmas Party on Saturday down at the  Coigach Lass ‘boatshed’ – all lit up with festive lights (Alison brought down lots as she has enough to do the Christmas lights for Birmingham) and candles and smelling of mulled wine spices and a delish – nay exotic- selection of goodies.

What a picture of seasonal thingy from the boatshed party!

Topher Dawson had very kindly driven out from Ullapool with the lengths of Douglas Fir for the oars and was showing the buildy folk how the Ullapool 1 squad has laminated their stem and stern and shaped them using the jig (which they are generously going to pass on to us for a donation to their whisky fund.)  Nae bother!

Steve and Jock sample the grub.

We have solved the problem of having an unheated space to build in over the winter– just get into one of the two rowing machines and give it 100 when you feel a bit parky!

Thanks to James Muir and Sue Hopkins for  generously donating the excellent rowing machines which, of course, are not for training on to gain any rowing advantage over any of the other teams….nooooooooo……merely to take off those few extra pounds that attach themselves so stubbornly to hips and stomach over the festive season. Heh, heh……     Thanks to Chris F B for lovely photos.

Scroll down for previous items-photos uploaded for Curry night now.

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