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Woo hoo! Curry + Karaoke Night success!

December 6, 2009


Lizzie + Richard- Sonny + Cher


Stop Press : Update Wednesday 9th December….Final round up of dosh reveals that both the Coigach Lass Project and  The Parents’ Association made £500 each, the prize Draw (click on Fundraising/events Tab above) sold £110 of tickets on the night and the Hall bar did very well. A result all round! The donated Curries were delicious and the helpers were generous with their time and unstoppable!-thanks to all concerned- Theresa Ross, Alison Hitchings, Di Wilding, Hamish Sinclair, me, Liz Salvin,  Chris Firth-Bernard,  Andrew Macneilage, Nicola Macneilage, Maureen Fraser, Emma Campbell, Pauline Gillies, Tricia Sinclair, David Heaney, Nick Clooney, Iain Muir,  Ann Ali Beag,  Andy Holbrow,  Craig Chipperfield and youngsters Joseph, Kelly, Seamus and Alice.  Mortified to think I might have left anyone out. Someone please let me know if I have. Thanks to Kate down in Reiff who sent a cheque for £30 because she was too busy having Swine Flu to make it! Thanks Kate and hope you are feeling better!

About the night …..Well, as Di Wilding remarked, all that was missing was the flock wallpaper!  It’s half past one a.m. and I thought I’d better write a quick note before turning in.

A crowd of nearly 60 ‘flocked’ to the glitteringly bedecked Hall for our joint fundraiser with the Parents Association…..and requests for ‘curry-outs’  had been put in from various folk who were not able to come.

Once again the community dug deep and the Hall was the scene of lashings of pukka grub,  followed – once the Cava kicked in – by a cornucopia of aural delights on the new Hall karaoke machine.

OOh Darlin, Stand by me !

First up on stage was Duncan. Straight up on stage -no messing.  Slightly flummoxed at first by the excessive re-verb on the mic,  when he caught the tune the dude showed that he could keep it true. The man’s clearly a singer. But why the hell didn’t he bring his reading glasses for the words??      A huge round of applause and much whooping of approval followed him from the stage.

Check Jill up there next;  livin’ it!  What a mover!

Then there was Eva giving it laldy followed by Louise in chorus. Then Emma ! Wooh!

When the going gets tough then the tough get going. Once everybody had finally sussed out just how the new machine worked there was no stopping them.

Dan and Richard Tanera Mor bigged it up for a range of tunes then Lizzie got hold of a mic!    Heavens to Betsy, there’s a vocation there!             She even helped dad Bill Wilder with his tune and darned good they were.

Then it was Dan and Gretha in concert.

Is this from South Africa?

All too soon, as they say, it was midnight and to everyone’s surprise we realised that 5 hours had passed!

Iain decked in his best Indian Kurta had a helluva job rounding up the Uppies to deliver them all home in the Community minibus which unfortunately had had the plush seating somewhat sullied by the rapidly exit-ing lunch of one of our local school football team youngsters on the long  and winding road home from their match earlier in the day.

So our revellers’ churning, curry-filled stomachs must have been sorely tried on the journey home in a bus redolent with the slight whiff of puke.

Anyway the last Doonies left the Hall at half midnight or so -safe in the knowledge that darn few of them were going to be there at 11 on Sunday morning to clean up!

And so, as Tiny Tim said -sort of-  “Good night and God bless us one and all……”

Photos coming sooooooooooon! As soon as Gretha emails them to me, in fact.

(Friday 11th) Greta says they are on their way…….THANK YOU GRETHA 🙂

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