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Our Skiff kit due in Ullapool, Friday 11th…

November 30, 2009

Alec Jordan of Jordan Boats reckons all 3 Skiff Kits (2 for Ullapool and one for us) will be delivered to Adrian Morgan’s boatshed at Leckmelm farm on Friday 11th.  Anyone able to trailer our one back to the ‘Buie ?

The clean, ie not knotty, Douglas Fir for our six oars has been ordered together with the Ullapool 1 group’s wood and we will save carriage costs by sharing with them. Thanks for that.

All this co-operation between Skiff groups in the early stages is is a lesson for World Peace…whether or not it continues once the build is finished and the rowing teams start to train is another ballgame……

So! All go, shortly….. Ullapool 1 group has offered to pass on to us their jig for forming the stem and stern of the boat, which Ali Beag says is a great boon and will save a lot of time and effort …so thanks for that Topher Dawson and Co.

Hope everyone has got their Curry Night tickets for Saturday- see Fundraising/events for details.  The range of curries available-including veggie – at this 3-course Curry Carnival is mouthwateringly fab.

And if anyone has any strength left we can groove with our garam masala and karaoke the night away…

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  1. December 10, 2009 4:14 am

    Nice to see the buie ites participating in the rowing initiave. I’m thomas armstrong and I spent the summer of ’76 on Coigach, living at Rieff, in a caravan on Eba’s croft. I now have a weblog,70.8%( ) I recently posted on the Scottish Rowing Project. I wonder if anyone involved remembers me. I was friends with several folks there, Kenny MacLlennan for one, had a fight with Ian Roll,worked for Ian (McLean?,wife Annie), sweet on Una McCloud, and have many fond memories of all night ceilidhs at Annie and Boisie, the Store. I’d love to do an article on Achiltibuie’s participation in the project so would someone please contact me at Ta! and slonge to the crowd at Am Fuaran. Chris Perkins knows me a blogger, but I don’t think he was there when I was. Garam Masala and Karaoke were not things I experienced in 1976!

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