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Awaiting modified Kit- oars dilemma solved!

November 24, 2009

Sea trials of the prototype St Ayles skiff got its Skye-based designer, Iain Oughtered thinking…….. needing more buoyancy at the stern -the weight of an adult cox-(unless Di Wilding sized!) was keeping the stern too low.

So Alec at Jordan Boats has to make changes to his cutting jig …to Iain’s new instructions.

This is all good. Don’t want to have to suddenly find problems AFTER the kit arrives… but the delay is a shame.

Ah now the oars.

Rectangular in cross section down the poles and thin and springy. Clean Douglas Fir is the stuff, says Topher Dawson who recommends building 6 to have 2 spares.

Wise thinking. He has kindly said he will place an order with trusted wood suppliers for good clean lengths for any Skiff crew who wishes.

After consulting round all the Coigach Lass builders I could find, the concorde lay in going with Topher’s offer.

So it looks like we will start with the oars….!

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