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‘Boatshed’ space sorted!

November 15, 2009

Well, it’s true isn’t it.  Many hands really do make light work.

We now have an excellent ‘boatshed’ -cleared, swept, tidied and looking purposeful -and all that done (apart from a short interruption to sort out a wee skirmish between Trigger and Billy) in less than an hour and a half.   There is even a tea area with a few chairs and a square of carpet. Luxury.   Hmm. Probably the only boatshed in the world with a fully-grown peach tree growing and thriving in it, though.

The basis of a frame on which to start the build was also begun ….with much laser-levelling and copious markings.

SO!    It looks like our kit will be delivered to Adrian Morgan’s boatshed at Leckmelm Farm on or around Monday 23rd.         Not long now!  ……Oh and Nicola Mac has said she will keep the ‘books ‘ on the project for us.           Thanks Nicola!

Well, getting dark now- so as Alison said, looking at her watch when the job was done, ‘ Right. Home to put on the tatties!’

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